'Priority through route'

Apart from my commercial songwriting activity, I'm involved in many of other musical projects.

The Plastic Brides
My solo-project is called The Plastic Brides, to which I dedicated a separate page.

Below you can find some examples of recordings that resulted from various musical cooperations and production activities:

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title artist description composer
Not That Strong Annemarie van der Westhuysen My first ever worship song beautifully performed by Annemarie van der Westhuysen (vocal and cello). TTRAKS
Sing Hallelu Creig Marlowe I did the arrangement / production on this song by Creig Marlowe. Creig Marlowe
When leaves fall down Leap Day The progressive rock band Leap Day 'progged' one of my songs and called the result When leaves fall down (only the basic song is my idea, the other 60% of the music is theirs as well as the entire performance and arrangement) Leap Day / TTRAKS
Nacht In De Stad Pauline Hunfeld In the mid-eighties I had a prolific cooperation with Pauline Hunfeld and Harro Roos. Pauline Hunfeld wrote the music to Harro Roos' lyrics. She also performed the vocal parts. I did the arrangement / production / recording. Pauline Hunfeld & Harro Roos
Need Someone Pauline Hunfeld Pauline and Harro could also write great balads. I think this song has a cabaret like atmosphere. Pauline Hunfeld & Harro Roos
Me Or You TTRAKS If I ever had a songwriting teacher it must be Arnoud van Loo. His music had greater complexity than mine, being rather symphonic instead of new wave. This is one of his songs that demonstrates his amazing skill as a composer. I recorded it in order to establish a workable arrangement of it for my band at that time 'The Missing Link'. Arnoud van Loo