[In Silico]

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[In Silico]

[In Silico] is de werktitel van een band in oprichting. Waar het op neer komt: we gaan live als vocalist(e) en producer. De producer ben ik. De bedoeling is om 3/4 eigen repertoire en 1/4 covers te doen. Samen met zangeres Erica was ik al een eind op weg, maar helaas viel Erica uit. Zodoende deze pagina, die een indruk geeft van het soort muziek waarmee we bezig waren. Als het nieuwe vocale talent dat de andere helft van [In Silico] gaat worden kun je hier natuurlijk zelf een flinke draai aan geven.

[In Silico] is the working title of a band in the making. What it comes down to: we go live as vocalist and producer. I wiil be the producer. The intention is 3/4 own songs and 1/4 covers. Together with singer Erica I was already on the way, but unfortunately Erica dropped out. Hence this page in order to give an impression of the material that was being developed. As the new vocal talent that will be the other half of [In Silico], you are of course more than invited to give our music your own spin.

title artist description composer
Albuquerque Erica The original 'Albuquerque' as it was written before the Kajal era, now re-arranged for [In Silico]. TTRAKS
Panama Mara Damian Pop with a Latin-American twist, in persuit of a bond-song-like vibe. The phrase 'A man a plan, a canal, Panama' is a so-called palindrome b.t.w. and a quite famous one as well. It served as a starting point for the lyrics of this song. TTRAKS
Dancing Slowly Erica A song from the Kajal era, now re-arranged for [In Silico] TTRAKS