'Loud Noise'


Since Februari 2015 I am a member of 'Kajal'. On the picture above from left to right: Steven - guitars, Astrid - vocals, Me - keys, JW - drums (a.o.), Ruben - bass. Steven and Ruben founded Kajal in 2015 with the aim of playing trip hop in a traditional band set-up. I reacted on their ad. It turned out that Steven and I had cooperated earlier as sound engineers of the Beachbattle band contest in Scheveningen. We started out with a different drummer and a different singer. The first drummer left after only a few rehearsals, because he wanted to spend more time with his baby daughter. JW joined. Then the first singer was replaced by Erica, who stayed with us for 1 1/2 yrs. You can hear Erica sing on 'Melodica' and 'Dancing Slowly'. Erica got a job abroad and fortunately we found Astrid, who sings 'Albuquerque' on the recording below.

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Albuquerque Like Bugs Bunny, some people should have taken that left turn. The ACME analogy is maintained throughout the song, which deals with the not so silent dispair of middle-aged suburban civilians like myself. Kajal @HPC
Melodica The instrument is the title. This song originated from an idea by Steven and Ruben. We just all added our part. Kajal @HPC
Dancing Slowly About the love of my life. Former singer Erica's mother wanted to have it played on her funeral. When such a remark is made, you feel flattered and you never give it a second thought, expecting such an event to take place far away in the future. Sadly Erica's mother passed away rather suddenly in december 2017. I attended the funeral and this song was played. Kajal @TTRAKS
Temptation Island - Trance Mix We recorded this song in our rehearsal room, but it didn't sound the way we 'd hoped. The vocal part was fine though, so I made a trance mix out of it. Kajal @TTRAKS
Rainsong Although I am really fond of this song, it didn't work too well in front of live audiences. Therefore we decided to remove it from our set and make a nice home-studio recording instead. What you actually hear are Astrid's vocals and yours truly on guitar and keyboards. Kajal @TTRAKS


Between August 1982 and August 1984 I was a member of 'Time', together with Hans Scholte (drums) and Paul Nanninga (guitar & vocals). I played the bass and sang as well. In 1983 Jos Scholte, Hans' brother, recorded a few of our songs while we were rehearsing. He only had a stereo analog casette recorder and a consumer stereo microphone. The results surprised us all. Artists Gerry Baptist made a nice cover (above) for the thus recorded demo and promoted it in Enschede, where he attended the AKI art academy. Although the gig in Enschede never materialized, I have called these recordings the 'EnscheDemo'.

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title description recording
Burnout Zone In the eighties we sang either about our girlfriends or about our fear of nuclear war. This one obviously is about the latter. EnscheDemo
Surprise Much to our dismay, the Winschoten rock scene of the eighties was all about traditional rock 'n' roll. Therefore we indulged in a parody on the genre. EnscheDemo
Time Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Likewise I don't remember if our band name came first or the title of this song. Paul is singing this one and I think he did a much better job as far as singing is concerned than I did. EnscheDemo
Hurt You A love song. The chord procession in the middle indicates we 'd already started looking beyond the most basic chord schemes. EnscheDemo
Nova Zembla About nuclear weapons and the man on the trigger along the arctic front-line in the coldest of wars. EnscheDemo
Churchlane About the fear of nuclear war. Audiences around Winschoten sang along with the chorus of this song. Back then I thought it was because the song was brilliant. If I listen to it now, I rather think it was merely the power of endless repetition. EnscheDemo
Punishment A song about feeling guilty about not feeling guilty. Back then I didn't know that medicine is available against thoughts like that. EnscheDemo
Long Time Paul wrote these great sounding lyrics. Next time I see him, I will ask him what they are about. EnscheDemo
Leaving A song about depression and suicide. Negative feelings were hot in the eighties. Ian Curtis was our role model, but fortunately not all the way. . . EnscheDemo