Ger Dik


My name is Ger Dik and I am a song writer / music producer from The Hague, Holland. The TTRAKS site is the on-line record of my ongoing search for the perfect song. Knowing that I will probably never write it, I do expect to find some treasures along the way.

Older Songs

Below a number of my older recordings are listed.

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title description recording
Elaine In 2013 I met two young guys who wanted to do vocals on one of my songs. So I wrote 'Elaine'. One of the two never showed up. The other's voice was not suitable for this genre. So we are left with my voice, merely as a guide-vocal. TTRAKS@Home
Collecting the pieces Lyrics are by Remco Lausberg, who was b.t.w. not happy with my music. I'm not so happy with his English. Later I wrote two alternative lyrics versions, one of which was recorded by Leap Day. This version has been recorded in Januari 1990 on my Fostex 160 4-track cassette portastudio. You also hear my Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer an the Alesis HR16B drum computer. TTRAKS@Home
Peace March One night in the late eighties I dreamt that I participated in a peace march. One one of the stages John Watts performed with Fischer-Z. When I woke up, I remembered the chorus of the song they were playing when we walked along. I could simply copy it! I only had to write the rest of the song around it. TTRAKS@Home
Julia When desparately in unanswered love, forget about the chick and lock yourself up with your instrument of choice. Exploit your loud and silly emotions to the last drop and end up with the best love song written in your entire songwriting career. I can assure you it will last musch longer than the memories of the poor sheep that was the target of your young, wild and pointless desires. TTRAKS@Home
Traumdeutung A song about dark dreams. You wake up and you try to find out what the dream is telling you, but nothing seems to make sense. Vocals by Pauline Hunfeld. TTRAKS@Home
Take Me as I Am This is how high I could sing when I was 25. Nowadays I still sing as out of tune as then, but not nearly as high. The guitar b.t.w. is played by Erwin Heydra in exchange for a meal. He really had talent, but instead he decided to go work at a bank. Such a shame. . . . TTRAKS@Home
Mathilda One of the cats in the house I lived in 1987 was called Mathilda. Thus I discovered how musical a name that is! TTRAKS@Home
I Just Wanted You To Know This was in fact a song that was intended for 'The Plastic Brides', but it never made it to a definitive recording. I also think that it is a bit mellow. TTRAKS@Home
Roof A Peeping Tom meets his match. This is one of the very few songs I ever wrote about a pseudo-sexual subject. I expected that women would disapprove of this song, but it turns out that it was our drummers' former fiancée's favourite. TTRAKS@Home
Wait . . . I've written very few ballads. I generally like rythms to be intense and prominent. This is one of the exceptions. The piano sample is a bit too 1986 and the vocalist (me) is not really talented. The rest of the song is ok in my humble opinion. TTRAKS@Home