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'Do not extinguish with water'

Welcome to the TTRAKS site!

My main activity is to write songs for various artists. Below is a list of currently available songs. If you like to perform or record one of these: please contact me!

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title genre language singer
Wacht niet op mij An up-tempo rock song in Dutch. Originally written in 1999, it evolved through many versions, but none as powerful as this one, thanks to the performance by Jeroen de Koning. Jeroen de Koning
Is It So Hard This actually was a ´song to order´ for a female singer, but she never showed up to sing it! Luckily Mara Damien did. B.t.w.: the opinion expressed about therapists etc. is not mine, but the customers'. Mara Damien
Looking for Love pop, nocturnal and slightly melancholic Ger Dik
Walk through the Rain A rock ballad, with a piano intro. Instruments are played by former members of The Missing Link. Ronald Demilt on guitar and Bert de Bruijne on bass and backing vocals. Including myself on keys, and Oscar singing, in this recording our early 2000s line-up is complete again. Oscar Koenders
Ik fluister je naam Another song in Dutch. Although this song is clearly intended for a broader audience, I tried not to lower the artistic standards. Peter Horn's vocal contribution provided a solid aiming point while arranging this song. Peter Horn
Time Stood Still eighties style rock ballad Oscar Koenders